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hibis, only the reality.

French Oceania 
Origin of people, culture, Europeans conquests.

hibiscus .. orchids

Geology and history of men opposed New Caledonia and Polynesia. Meanwile, there are some similarity.


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The lagoon
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The coral
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The lagoon is linked with the coral reef that circle it.
A "reef barrier" girdles the majority of the islands of Polynesia and New Caledonia. For this island, it can be rather far away from the coast (especially in north and the south, more than 60 km).

Find out Maeva's talents clic sur la tête (la mer) sur la fleur (chanson)(click, on her body and her head (mp2 210 ko)

tahititian music
Image Pacific promotion, Tahiti

Dance the "pilou pilou" of New Caledonia. (music "au", 190 ko)


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At the edge of the shore, in less than one meter of water deep, a little society has been founded : one branch of coral, two blue fishes and a starfish. Sometimes a sea urchin with its long needles.

Grouped in continuous compact colonies or isolated in "patates" (potatoes), they form the reefs barrier and fringing.

The Paradise..

The tropical islands evoke white sand beaches, coconuts, sun, coral reefs with their multicoloured fishes. The peaceful life and the tanned skins form part of the dream too. The tiredness, the time it will make, the housing quality or relationships will undoubtedly alter this vision, but without being able to spoil the pleasure of the relaxed way of life, of the beauty of many landscapes, nor of the pleasant average temperature.

May be you do not imagine the problems of these remote countries. Hibiscustour recalls some of them for you.

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