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hibis, only the reality.

   Good luck to anything that goes wrong and bother us.      


Home Domestic  (kitchen (room) and elsewhere (appliances, difficulties, ergonomy, efficiency, covers. - cleaning.

 Information  food, chemical, water,  ecology the wine.

Fitting out, decoration, putting away, upkeep.  (frames, formwork - plates, covers, large plates, clothes, pouch, suspensions, rod..)

Home Domestic appliance (micro-waves - fridge, dish washing , washing machinee, hoover) - Security (electric leak, flooding, lightning) - Defective gear (analyse)

 DIY tutto  summary glues and bond - to paint - paints effects

- fixing things ourselves, to improve, restaurate.

 - usual works, basical techniques and tools :
- to dismantle, reconstitute, replace - electric fixing, tin soldering).


Deco ideas.. and more. natural adornments - painting and paper gluing on cobbles, jars, carboards coating furnitures, wrapping an armchair - poster as a view - ancient furniture - mirror - smart thin paint -  effects of paint (color, darkness, reflects) - the frame banks - hidding shelves - hidding some unwanted things (water boiler, electricity meter, tubes..)



travels. Preparation journey and stay (paperwork, lists, preparation (suitcases) - Putting away clothes, set of hangers, car and cat - dissimulate at the hotel, keys (to secure).

  Sand, sun, security : keys, paperwork, parasol.. - sunsreen protection, effectiveness.)

- Shoping (clothes size, trouser length).


  Feasts and pleasure (adornments, dishes, throwing tongs competition, jokes for childs corner).

Hygiene, well being. bathroom and loo (spiderss, towels, shower (curtain), odors, cleaning, leaks, jointings (bath tub, flushing..)Sparing the water body care (balance and belt (waist, body attitude, exercising, yoga Diététique (don't spend useless, food oneself) Strangle oneself, suffocate, stings


 Protection-security : blaze, robbery, agression. Intrusion (windows, doors, some ideas) - malicious visits (methods, distrust means of countering) - Prepare oneself, Prevent (openings, answering) - Concealing (small items, valuable papers, credit card, money, jewellery) - Theft and Assault Outside (some exemples and methods, in the crowd, driving, touristic or hypermarkets parking slots) - Self Defence  - Fire (origin, precautions, fire detector)
Car  usage and technique. pressure, inflate cleanly, battery (usual causes of no ignition) - paint (scratches, black plastic)   - antivol, radars, GPS.)   Bicycle (chain getting out, puncture)


Animals We can't understand their behaviour because their rules are not what their mimics or angers make us to believe. They are not humans either, nor childs or babies. They can feel being abandonned, betrayed or unrespected, . then saccaging everything : best is to learn not punishing them in a way they can't understand, but let them learn where are our limits too.



Garden  garden design watering - soil acidity, moss - lawn (renew)- protection wood from soil - hammock - desk-chair - trimming the hedge - sawing at 9m high - climbing up (hoist) - raising a large heavy pot  -  hide a sprinckler pipe - lawn mower - secure a parasol -  frosty stone - broken decorative pot- light under a parasol - rope ladder..


Bâtiment  (considérations sur le chauffage électrique, isolation (vitres ou murs), attaques bois..



 Computer backup Email - viruses - Search function - Send to and Favoris (links) scheduled tasks - Memo (think at it - Icones - Files erasing - sound card - Quickness of the PC (boost loading of Windows - to add and free of memory (RAM and virtual) - Hard disks - Retrieving deleted files -  Hidding or Erasing sensibles files definitely. - To shift the my Document file -  Suppressing unecessary services that bother - Temp files  Help ! - rudders for Flight Simulator..

Photo video son
Sorry it is only in French for a time; you could try tranlating some items with Google.
(definition, pixels, scanners) - Photo (digital cameras, captors, pixels, objectives and lengths (focals), setting and choices, Images, scanners and pixels (to understand what we see and what we do) - Ecrans vidéo (technologies and sizes)  - Sounds (caracteristics of  sounds, acoustic loud speakers and installation, digital translation quality).
In English : Taking a photo Camcorder (to make a film, dealing out with bad shots and sounds, various tips, transition effects)

Electricity (basic, paractical) batteries (characteristics, usages, usage ; danger of batteries -  Light (classical bulbs, halogens, neon, low consumption - usages )  -  Understanding of the electric current  -  mesures   -  electric power  - electricity dangers  -  Resistances and impedances  -   Nature of  direct current and alternative current - Static electricity - electric field.
Magnetism, electromagnetism





- English phrases book, unusual ! nearly half the book free on the screen, without trap, chapters by chapters :
More than 70,000 English/American words of which a good many half collected with their native sentences ; they come from books, magazines, experienced situations, letters (individuals, companies), travel notes, directions, labels.  A few of them, important too, come from vocational training and dictionaries. Although this work address French people you could also catch some French words using the search function ; but firstly, think to put on creen the right chapter :  example :  chapter 11 "paiement":  searching the word "delay"  : you will find "to delay = held back : French = retarder. And do think you could be helpful reporting to me bad sentences by email.  In advance , thanks a lot.

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